Romanian indoor specialists created their own association

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9 Romanian indoor advertising companies grouped into an association that has as purpose to support and promote Romanian indoor advertising and represent the interest of the members in front of the government, companies, associations and general public, according to

The founders of the Romanian Indoor Advertising Association are: Reteaua Info-Sanatate, Brand Management, Elevate Media, Indoor Media, Invent Media, Monopoly Media, Oops Media, Salon Style Media and Sugar Media.

The association activity will be managed in the following period by Ovidiu Brazdau (Reteaua Info-Sanatate) and Tudor Maxim (Elevate Media).

Moreover, in May, the association will launch the 1st edition of Romanian Indoor Advertising Association Annual Report, that will give detailed information on indoor campaigns made by association’s members.

The association will organize, in October, a 1st Indoor Conference in Romania, and meanwhile will launch a CSR program through which it will support educational campaigns from non-governmental associations.