Alan Parker, Golin Harris: In a digital world, don’t forget offline

Creativity, Digital & Media, Marketing, PR

Alan Parker, Head of Digital Golin Harris UK, said, at PR Forum in Bucharest, that digital has now impact with senior levels responsibles in companies and noted that those ones show openness towards online activities and campaigns

According to Parker, there is now the case of an outsourcing of expertise, as company’s managers realize they don’t know everything and need the info that they must know.

Parker noted that, at the end of the day, good leaders listen and the open minded ones are listening a lot of people.

He also said that people need to read newspapers and watch TV and that habit will make traditional media exist also 10 years from now.

Although we live in a digital world, Parker noted that “digital isn’t always the good way”. He explained than, sometimes, the good old traditional online way might function better than online activities.

About social media and digital world, Parker thinks the specialists in this area are “the storytellers of the 21t century”, that are telling the story through the right channels.