CohnandJansen JWT, together with SMURD in the 2011 fund raising campaign

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CohnandJansen JWT made, this year, the fund raising campaign for SMURD (Romanian paramedics service). The campaign aims to determine the public to redirect 2% from the taxes they owe to the state in order to gather the necessary funding to buy an ambulance airplane.

This year’s campaign represents the next stage of an impressive story that started in 2009.

Foundation for SMURD represents, for CohnandJansen JWT, a very special account, bearing a big emotional load and a huge responsibility.

Last year, SMURD managed to raise 80% more funds than in 2009. In 2011, SMURD campaign has a clear finality: acquiring an ambulance plane for emergencies, that will be used for cases that need fast transportation on long distances.

There are a lot of serious medical cases that can be healed, cases that can be medically solved, but that depend on important variables: the distance that need to be covered in transporting the pacient, the time he/she has to get to a certain hopital, meteo conditions and others

Andreea Lupu

Account Director Cohn&Jansen JWT

Taking in consideration those non-predictable, the creative concept covered naturally real situations and tried to underline realistically the need of an ambulance airplane for emergencies and the need of everyone’s donation. It is very important for Romanians to understand the importance of their donations and to perceive the fact that they can realize extraordinary things, that they can save human lives”,

Andrei Ignat,

Campaign’s Copywriter

Each year, we try that, through the fund raising campaign, to convince Romanians to be close to us in our efforts to save lives. This year, we started the campaign together with Cohnandjansen JWT and the other partners with a set target: acquiring an ambulance airplane for emergency cases.

Increasing awareness of public opinion and civil society of Foundation for SMURD’s objective and of the importance of SMURD’s activity allowed us to think at this next step: aquiring an ambulance airplane for emergencies. we hope we will have Romanians on our side also this year, until May 15th

Tiberiu Fechete,

Executive Director Foundation for SMURD

In 2011 SMURD campaign were involved a lot of CohnandJansen JWT’s partners, such as Starcom MediaVest, Saga Film, KMP Studio and also Exclus Prod, Plora Advertising, CV Printing  and Digital Advertising.

CohnandJansen JWT team that worked on this campaign included Andreea Lupu – Account Director, Alex Stanciu – Senior Art Director, Andrei Ignat – Senior Copywriter, Ilinca Dumitrescu – A/V Production Director, Cristian Dobre – Production Manager, together with Mihai Gheorghe and Gabriela Gheorghe – DTP. Campaign’s spot was directed by Radu Jude.

SMURD was represented by Tiberiu Fechete – Executive Director, Geo Procopie – Communication Officer and Raed Arafat – President of Foundation for SMURD’s board.

Cohnandjansen JWT is affiliated to the global network JWT.

JWT was one of the 1st full service advertising agencies (in 1864), the 1st international network (in 1899), the 1st agency that realized a testimonial (with Romania’s Queen for Ponds cream, in 1924) and the agency that realized the 1st TV ad in the world (1939). Also, JWT put the bases of planning, in 1968.

Cohnandjansen JWT Romania has in its portfolio clients such as Avon, Bayer (OTCs), Bunge (Floriol, Unisol), GarantiBank, Henkel (Perwoll online), Kraft (Jacobs, Jacobs 3in1, Nova Brasilia), MegaImage, Nestle (KitKat), Nokia, Praktiker (online), România Liberă, Snack Attack, Valvis Holding (Sâmbureşti, Aqua Carpatica) and others.

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