For Earth Hour, Elevate and WWF turn corporate lifts in a CSR platform

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In March, Elevate and WWF make an original project that has as purpose to promote a responsible attitude towards environment even when people are at work.

For that, Elevate turned the lifts in the main business centers in Bucharest into a communication channel used to spread a few steps that have as purpose to reduce the environment negative impact generated by people.

This initiative will be part of Earth Hour campaign, the biggest environment movement in history.

On March 26th, 51 Romanian towns and 5,000 cities in the entire world will close the lights for an hour, as a symbolic gesture showing support for the efforts to solve nowadays environment problems.

During the campaign, Elevate Office network hosted posters suggesting simple steps to reduce impact on environment and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Elevate-WWF project is a component of the partnership between the 2 organizations and Elevate’s long lasting involvement in social responsibility.

Social responsibility is one of Elevate team’s values. The advantage for our partners comes from the fact that indoor generates a good dialogue with the audience, becoming an efficient medium for campaigns that promote involvement and sensibilization of the public. From this perspective, business communication via Elevate Office is extremely interesting because it deliver the message to an educated, receptive and visionary public, that only needs to be reactivated. This way, with a little bit of imagination, an advertising space can be reinvented and turned into a communication platform for the medium

Catalina Murariu

Marketing Manager Elevate

We salute the partnership with the business sector for Earth Hour campaign, because this shows a bigger and bigger involvement of the companies in promoting a responsible conduit towards environment for their employees and clients. Elevate is one of our long term partners. This original partnership for Earth Hour brings an important contribution, related to communicating and educating the public for a sustainable conduit, not just at home, but also at work

Luminita Tanasie

Country Manager WWF Romania

Present for 6 years on Romanian market, Elevate is one of the most dynamic indoor media agencies. After introducing advertising in lift in Romania, Elevate completed its portfolio with services of indoor advertising in office buildings, residential complexes, beauty saloons, bars and restaurants, special projects and AddMirror mirrors.

Elevate Office network covers 110 buildings in Bucharest and in 5 other Romanian towns and reaches to 350,000 professionals.


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