Senior Interactive launched Muse for Oriflame in Romania

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Senior Interactive organized a muse casting for Oriflame, as part of an online based communication campaign.

In this campaign, 3 painters invite Oriflame consuemr on to enter a muse casting

All women are beautiful and painters show that the best through their creations. Most valuables painters in the world had muses that were as reknown as they were. We gave the chance to this 3 painters that help us with the project to become known (…)

Vasile Alboiu

Creative Director Senior Interactive (ex-Ogilvy Interactive)

This project inspired us a lot. We worked on it with a lot of pleasure. We feel that, once launched, it set on its own way and the only thing we need to do is to admire it and to correct the little escapades. We hope that women, in a high number, will find it as exciting

Dana Cucos

Account Manager Senior Interactive

The campaign is running from March 21st to May 2nd. In the end, 9 of the participants will be selected and they will have their portrait done by the painters. The muse that will attract the highest appreciation from the public will become the image of an Oriflame campaign and will benefit of a photo session with a professional photographer.

Adelina Dragnea, Online & Communication Manager, was involved in the project as Oriflame’s representative.

Senior Interactive’s team (part of Ogilvy Group Romania ) included Vasile Alboiu – Creative Director, Andreea Dragomir – Senior Copywriter, Catalin Ghinescu – Art Director, Dan Oprea – Animator, Dana Cucos – Account Manager, Luiza Binga – Media Planner, Andrei Baiasiu – Project Manager, Teo Onicel – Team Leader Action Script Development, Stefan Zibilianu – Web Developer. Photoshooting and post-production were handled by Foto Factory.

Senior Interactive is one of the most important Romanian interactive communication agencies, with a constant turnover of more than Euro 1M a year. Launched on the market 8 years ago,  Senior Interactive has a team of over 42 employees in 5 operational departments.

Senior’s portfolio of clients includes A&D Pharma, Abbott Pharmaceuticals Romania, British American Tobacco, Friesland Romania, Heidi Romania, Orange Romania, Oriflame Romania, Renault Technologie Roumanie, Unilever South Central Europe and Wrigley Balkan East.