BrandTailors strategically repositioned Smartree

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Romanian strategy and brand design agency BrandTailors finalized the repositioning and refreshing process of the visual expression of Smartree, Romanian HR company

Smartree decided to refresh its image and positioning after it changed it’s business focus from big companies to include also small and medium companies.

Because the logo-type idea is one of the main elements left unchanged due to its value, the repositioning solution from BrandTailors was the implementation of a new brand idea on an extended portfolio of communication material offered to Smartree clients. Their way was to offer, from the 1st visual contact with the brand, an idea on the philosophy and the way of acting of brands representatives in their relationship with the clients.

 Interviews made with a series of HR managers put out to light a reticence they have when it come of externalizing the HR processes. To get rid of this idea, we introduced the idea of “companion”

Anca Tăzlăoanu,
Brand Consultant BrandTailors


The positioning of the central brand identity on Smartree’s communication  materials anticipates the benefits of the services offered by company and make the brand unique. From graphical point of view, we took in consideration creating a visual complementarity that will accentuate the logotype and facilitate the creation of a distinctive photographic  style

Janos Kurko
Creative Director

The development of the project lasted 4 months. BrandTailors team working on it included Anca Tazlaoanu and Janos Kurko – brand audit, Anca Tazlaoanu and Beatrice Danis – brand strategy, Beatrice Daniş and Janos Kurko – creative concept, Anca Tăzlăoanu and Andreea Florea – rethorics, Janos Kurko – brand design, Andreea Florea and Ionuţ Militaru– project management, Mihai Părpălea – image retouches and preparing for printing.

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