Hunger Management Training for Tnuva Slim, by iLeo

Creativity, Digital & Media

iLeo made the 1st online campaign, with the tagline “Hunger Management Training”, to launch on the market the new line of dairies, Tnuva Slim.

This campaign targets ladies, aiming to get them involved in an online training about nutrition, healthy lifestyle and weight control.

For 5 weeks, Tnuva’s nutrition specialist will explain which are the basic principles for a healthy diet, what must be changed in their lifestyle, which are the most frequent mistakes. Also, the expert will answer, via e-mail, to all the questions related to nutrition. The participants that show the biggest determination in what concerns changing their lifestyle will receive prizes to fit their new silhouette.

The campaign benefits of an important media coverage, through executions such as video banner, and started with promoting the enlisting in the program, action that gathered over 2,500 participants in just one week through the form available on promotion’s special website or directly on Facebook, via the app Hunger Management.

An interesting component of the campaign is related to social media, through the launch of the 1st videoblog. During the entire training, Miruna Siminel will present her personal experience during all the steps of the Hunger Management Training, through video content and articles.