Romanian tourism Ministry started promoting Romania on CNN, Euronews and Eurosport

Branding, Creativity

Romanian Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism started the campaign to promote Romania as a touristic destination, running TV ads on 3 international TV stations CNN, Euronews and Eurosport. The mentioned TVs will broadcast ad sports for a year.

The TV spots that will be broadcasted will last 30 and 20 seconds, on one year span, the duration of the campaign.

The international TV stations were selected in terms of audience, according to data provided by European Media and Marketing Survey (EMS) pentru anul 2010.

Campaign’s objective is to promote the national touristic brand on international TV in order to create Romania a positive image as touristic destination

The total value of the campaign is Euro 4.96M (VAT included). The media for the campaign is handled byMedia Investment, part of Romanian the group.

The spots, as published by Cristi Dorombach, aka