Romanian online market, record value in 2010: RON 86M

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Romanian online market reached to a record value in 2010, RON 86M, up 32% compared to 2009.

2010 ROADS (“Romanian Online Advertising Study”) study, realized by IAB Romania and PwC Romania, shows that the total value of Romanian online market was, at the end of 2010, of about Euro 20.43M (at an annual exchange rate of 4.20 RON for one Euro)

This is the highest value that Romanian online market had in 4 years, since data is collected.

The value of Romanian advertising market increased by 32% compared to 2009 (RON 65M) and by 19% compared to 2008 (RON 72.4M).

This value increase was a continuous one, from one semester to another, in the last couple years. This way, the market was valued at RON 43.99M in the 2nd semester of 2010, 11% higher than the same semester of the previous year (RON 39.6 M in 2009) and with 5% more  than in the 1st semester of 2010 (@ RON 42M).

The 32% increase of the online advertising market in 2010 shows that advertising clients are more and more available to invest in this sector, a trend that gets the total reported amount over the Euro 20M limit (…) A decisive factor for online advertising development is the more and more important presence of online in the media mix of the most advertisers”

Cristian Petriceanu

President IAB Romania