All Heroes Die – TIFF Shadows Shorts by GAV

Creativity, Marketing

GAV continues the traditional collaboration with TIFF, a Romanian film festival that reached its 10th edition.

For the competition section Shadows Shorts (Horror&Thriller) and based on the creative concept “All Heroes Die”, the campaign created by GAV is declined on print and TV.

The spot is combining the suspense and black humor and was realized by

  • Marius Rosu – Creative director
  • Dragos Cazan – Copy
  • Liviu Marghidan – Image Director
  • Nicodim Ungureanu – Spectator
  • Daniel Gusu – Death
  • John Riley – The Voice

The ad will run during the festival in cinemas and plasma screens in TIFF ocassions.

I can say I feel I am close to TIFF for an entire life time, 10 years ago – 10 years of transition means 100 years in reality –  I was talking to Tudor Giurgiu, my friend and generation colleague, about the visual identity of the little festival Meanwhile, due to work, seriousness and passion Tudor, Mihai Chirilov and the entire TIFF showed, the kid grew up and got to be a respectable gentleman, without loosing its childish charm. We are honored to be close for the following years

Lucian Georgescu

Managing Partner GAV

10th edition of TIFF takes place in Cluj from June 3rd to June 12th 2011.