Stefan Schmidt – President of the Single Channel Jury at Golden Drum 2011

Creativity, Marketing

Stefan Schmidt is the President of the Single Channel Jury at Golden Drum 2011.

He is creative at large/Europe and Chief Creative Officer at TBWAGermany

The fact that Golden Drum is re-focusing onto its core will do this festival very good. I expect more work from smaller markets daring to compete again. I also expect more and more pieces reflecting the fact that we are in the brand-building business not in the funny-ad-industry. Which means we use creativity for a purpose. Not as L´art pour L´art! But obviously I´m mostly hoping for wild, wild country parties again!

Stefan Schmidt

The President of the Multi Channel Jury will be announced next week.

Both Jury president’s will lead a team of 10 Jury members, all selected among top international professionals.

On the other hand, the online registration system will be available starting Wednesday next week (June 29th 2011), on