Cannes Lions – on June 3-9 in 2012


Cannes Lions 2012 will take place on June 3-9, as Palais de Festival will enter a refurbishment and modernizing process, according to a message from Festival’s CEO, Philip Thomas.

Cannes Lion 2011 meant 9,500 delegates, 29,000 pieces of work judged by more than 250 jurors, and more than 50,000 entrances into seminars and workshops.

The Palais hosts many hundreds of events throughout the year, and Cannes Lions is the last big event before the summer break, reason why the organizers were asked to bring Cannes Lions 2012 forward so that there will be enough time for the building work before the event season begins again in September 2012.

The festival will return to the normal schedule starting 2013, meaning it will start in the 3rd week of June.