Ionut Oprea resigned from Executive Director job at IAB Romania

Creativity, Digital & Media

Ionut Oprea announced he resigns the Executive Director job at IAB Romania, but he was elected member in the Board of the association. The future Executive Director of IAB Romania will be elected by the Board.

Oprea announced his decision during the general assembly of the association, that took place on July 14th.

During the same meeting, IAB members voted on the action plans for 2011, on the new standards and on 2011 budget.

Also, the General Assembly of IAB Romania decided to organize councils that follows to act in relation with industry’s standards, educational activities, events, Public Affairs, measurement, Social Media, Research and operations. Those councils will be coordinated by a member of the management board.

On the other hand, IAB Romania’s members decided to focus more on educational activities, through a program named IAB Academy, that aims to organize seminaries dedicated to online industry but also corporations and to work together with educational institutions.

The Assembly also decided to organize events that will show the entire picture of the online industry, new trends, present study etc.

IAB Romania was created in 2006 and reunites the most important companies in Romanian online industry: media sales houses, advertising agencies, online service providers and local publishers.