Tempo Creative Group launched Tempocrates, an elite internship program

Creativity, Digital & Media, PR

Tempo Group’s companies – TEMPO Advertising, Rogalski Grigoriu Public Relations and Kinecto – launched an internship program dedicated to students and young graduates that aims to identify and launch the future talents of the group.

For 4 months, the 6 young people that will qualify following a pre-selection launched by Tempo will join the strategic, creative, PR and digital teams of the group. At the end of the program, the most talented ones will have the chance to continue their activity in the group.

Along years, we asked the young people that we meet during different student projects what they are expecting for us, and the answer was always the same: a chance. Tempocrats is a project that launches not just 1 chance, but 6 every 4 months, as long as we will afford to receive, train and select authentic talents, to whom to give the chance to become elites. We look for those people that see in a brief a chance to transform the world we live in. We offer, in exchange, the chance to learn in real time some things about the job they chose and access to a professional future that they are just imagining right now.

Eliza Rogalski

CEO Tempo Creative Group.

The 1st generation of Tempocrates will be selected in 3 phases:

  1. preselection – consisting in solving, individually or in team (2), of one of the 2 briefs posted on Tempo’s blog or on Tempo’s Facebook until August 1st.
    • the 1st brief is to create and communicate the identity of a honey producer
    • second brief is to create a campaign to convince adolescents to give up etnobotanics
  2. 2nd phase – the preselected candidats will be announced on August 17th and they can present their campaigns in front of a Tempo jury on 20-25th august
  3. 3rd phase – the internship program in itself, that lasts 4 months

The program targets all young people, students in final years or young graduates of university.