10 years of Romanian creativity, bye ADOR


The Institute, part of Millennium People, and Romanian Union of Advertising Agencies¬† (UAPR) organize the anniversary event “10 years of Romanian creativity, bye ADOR”.

The organizers intend to promote and inspire the entire Romanian communication industry through celebrating 10 years of Romanian creativity during a special event.

The existence of a creativity festival in Romania is a need. Taking in consideration the achievements of Romanian agencies along the time in different international competitions and the most recent success in Cannes, it is only normal to celebrate the best quality creations in this country. UAPR is involved in promoting everything the advertising industry does best and, surely, Romania is able to hold its ground in any level

Radu Florescu

UAPR’s president.

The anniversary edition will mark the most important moments in the last 10 years by awarding the best works created since 2002 until today. The same works will enter the 1st archives of Romanian advertising.

“10 years of Romanian creativity, bye ADOR” will also prepare a competition where the entries are opened for all the works that were active on Romanian territory from 2002 to 2011. The entries in the competition can be made in August and September and the winners will be announced in October. All the works that will enter the competition will be included in the archives and will be available, starting October 2011, on ADOR’s website – www.ador.ro – but also in a volume dedicated to Romanian advertising of the l;ast 10 years.

The categories that will structure the competition are TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Online and Integrated Campaigns. Each category will include 10 sections of products and services. At the end of the competition, there will be designated winners for each section and they will receive the Best of 2011 awards, but also special distinctions for advertisers that supported, in the last 10 years, the Romanian advertising.