Kinecto and BCR Pensii launched First salary project

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Kinecto and BCR Pensii (BCR Pensions) launched the project Primul Salariu (First Salary). The agency made a website and a Facebook page that challenges young people to a relaxed conversation about their 1st salary and what they did with it. Some of the histories people said were filmed and can be found on

The project made by Kinecto is specially crafted for the young people that are close to get their 1st salary. From the moment they start to earn money, they become eligible for the mandatory private pension system and, no matter if they want or nor, they end up contributing for one of the pension funds on Romanian market. BCR Pension’s project aims to make a project that will encourage the young people to chose themselves the administrator of their obligatory pension, instead of being randomly enlisted to one.

Besides the website and the Facebook page, the project is also promoted through media campaigns that includeFacebook Ads and Google Ads.

The video production part of the project was made by Film Factor.

Kinecto’s team involved in the project includes Laura Ulea – Account Manager, Mihai Dumitru – Senior Strategic Planner, Radu Ionescu – Creative Director, Marius Vlad – Art Director, Ionut Dorobantu – Web Developer, Emilian Stanescu – Action Script Programmer and Ştefan Perju – Copywriter.

BCR’s team included Georgiana Sandu – Marketing Specialist and Mihnea Diaconu – Sales Director.

Kinecto is a Romanian digital communication agency, part of Tempo Group.