Standout and Byte Flux launched Facebrands PRO

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Over 600,000 Romanians interacted, in July, with Romanian Facebook pages, according to Standout and Byte Flux, that also announced the launch of Facebrands PRO, service based on subscription that analyzes Facebook activity.

Starting Thursday, Standout and Byte Flux made available, on subscription, Facebrands PRO, a complex analysis instrument for Facebook activity that includes more modules, among which Fanpage Performance, Tools and Intelligence.

It is now the moment to make the communication activities on Facebook based on engagement indicators and less based on personal evaluation In those conditions, an analysis tool is a must

Ionut Oprea,

Manager Standout

We are testing Facebrands PRO for 2 months and, in this moment, it is already used by advertising and PR agencies in Romania that run campaign on Facebook, but also by clients that handle themselves their social media marketing activities

Andrei Stefan

Manager Byte Flux

In the last 2 weeks, Romanian companies ran over 2,000 individual ads on Facebook and used over 3,000 tabs on their pages.

Fanpage Performance and Intelligence modules are available via a single subscription, available for a price of Euro 119 per month, and includes all the Facebrands PRO instruments from Tools section, namely Facebrands Publisher (beta) – allows publishing on Facebook via Facebrands for an advanced measurement of interactions, key words search on Romanian Facebook pages, and Link Statistics.

To access all the facilities for an unlimited number of pages, the subscription costs Euro 419 / month.

Also, Standout si Byte Flux offer, as a Facebrands PRO service, an “Engagement Audit”, interpretation for the data needed to analyze the performance of a page, of competitors and of the page’s category, along with assistance in implementing the conclusions with a Facebrands specialist. Those interested can benefit of the package for Euro 999.

Nowadays, monitors over 13,700 Romanian pages launched on Facebook by people and institutions (companies, NGO-s etc).