Ioana Anescu is the new Executive Director of IAB Romania

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Ioana Anescu was designated as the new Executive Director of IAB Romania by the managing board association, following a meeting on September 13th. Taking over the job, previously occupied by Ionut Oprea, Ioana will be responsible for the operational activities of the organization and will have the mission to boost its activity and visibility, both through the activities IAB Romania makes and through attracting new members, as Romanian online advertising market continues to have a dynamic development.

The previous Executive Director of IAB Romania, Ionut Oprea, quitted the position after 4 years and announced it during the General Assembly that took place on July 14th. He was elected member in the board, where he also coordinates the Social Media Council.

IAB Romania’s activity will develop next with actively participating to the work groups of IAB Romania and IAB Europe, through disseminating informative materials available internationally and will aim for self regulation for Romanian online sector.

The target I have for my new position is to make IAB Romania an active support for developing our members’ businesses. With IAB Romania board’s and work groups’ support, we intend to provide to our members and to Romanian market, as much as possible, materials, examples, seminaries, recommendations and standards, studies, info and networking opportunities as to become a reference point for Romanian online industry. In the same time, as active member of IAB Europe, we will represent our members’ interests internationally, we will communicate and monetize as much as possible the benefits of this affiliation that brings a high value for Romania and we will facilitate IAB Europe’s know-how and information sharing

Ioana Anescu,

Executive Director IAB Romania

Cristi Petriceanu, IAB Romania’s  president, said that the new executive director appointment came as a normal step for Anescu’s activity and praized her qualities and abilities.

Ioana Anescu is involved in IAB Romania’s activity starting 2009 and, previous to that, she was the executive secretary of the organization. Meanwhile, she represented IAB Romania at organization’s CEE level, being involved in different work groups, talks and collaboration with other associations and authorities.

IAB Romania was created in 2006 and reunites the most important companies with activities in online advertising: media sales houses, advertising agencies, online advertising services providers and local publishers.