GfK Romania: TV and Outdoor – preferred advertising spaces for Romanians

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GfK Romania analyzes, in a research report made for IQads, the way the Romanian consumers are interacting with advertising, which are the most efficient communication channels and what kind of ads want to see most often.

Most followed communication channels in Romania are TV, still on top, followed by outdoor, print, flyers, internet ads and radio ads.

TV continues to be the most used media channel in advertising campaigns, with 73% of the consumers from urban areas that also use internet saying a brand must communicate with them also on TV.

Generally, TV commercials are considered funny, informative original. Moreover, almost two thirds of urban consumers are more likely to buy a product after they see a TV commercial.

The differences in access media sources are obvious when one compares inhabitants from small cities to Bucharest in terms of the way a brand should communicate to them: 80% of small cities inhabitants are choosing the TV, while only 68% of Bucharest people opt in for TV. Compared to commercials on the other communication channels, respondents consider that TV commercials are more than they would like.

Second after TV is outdoor (67%), more suited for people on the move. The next preferences are print ads (60%), flyers / brochures (57%), internet ads (56%) and radio ads (44%).

People with higher education, that spend more time on the internet, consider that online ads are most suited to communicate with them (65%), compared to other consumers.

Generally, commercials in print, leaflets / brochures, online or on radio are considered informative, although consumers think the ads on internet (55%) and advertising brochures (52%) are targeting they more, are more useful and convince them more to buy certain products and services.

SMS ads are considered the less suited and most uninspired by consumers. Due to SMS ads limitations, they aren’t considered funny or creative nor powerful in generating purchase intent.

Urban consumers also want to see more commercials for IT, electronics and electric appliances (25%), cosmetics (18%) and food products (15%).

The study also showed that men and young men aged 18-24, technology fans, are more interested than other consumer segments by commercials to those products, while obviously women are the most interested in cosmetics commercials.

The need to see more commercial for food products but also for long term usage products must be judged also in the context of the decrease of available budget during the crisis, when the spending for these goods must be better planned.