BrandTailors – Euro 742,000 in 2010


Romanian strategy and brand design company BrandTailors had, in 2010, a turnover of Euro 742,000, a result that positioned the company as market leader on Romanian brand consultancy market, according to a press release

According to the results published on Romanian Finance Ministry’s website, BrandTailors ended 2010 with a turnover of Euro 742,000, 42% higher than in 2009. This result positions the agency as leader on its market

We knew, since the end of 2010, that our position in the top will modify and, once with the official financial results release, we did receive the confirmation. Last year was an extremely good year for our company that, in 2010, launched 20 projects for known clients such as Pepsico, Albalact, LaDorna, Kandia or Antena 1.

Beatrice Danis

Managing Partner BrandTailors

In a context in which the branding market grew with around 15% in 2010, the increase of BrandTailor’s turnover with 42% showed the company had the best evolution among the 3 key players on the Romanian brand consultancy market. As it comes from the official financial results, BrandTailors has a share of around 20% on Romanian branding market.

BrandTailors’ management estimates that 2011’s turnover will get to a similar level to the one in 2010. Since the start of this year, BrandTailors launched 10 projects for brands such as Smartree, Kandia or Naturlich and, by the end of the year, aims to launch another 13 projects, for clients it already works for a while, but also for clients that  entered its portfolio recently, such as TetraPak, Interstar Chim or Scandia Foods.

2011 is also for BrandTailors the year when the team consolidated and when a new managerial structure was implemented. This way, 2 new departments chiefs were appointed  – Alina Cranga– Client Service Coordinator and Andreea Florea – Brand Strategy Coordinator -, taking over duties that belonged, previously, to the founding partners of the company. This process will continue and new people will join the managerial team headed by Beatrice Danis.

Even with the risk of diverting my attention from the financial performance of the company, I consider that the investment in a young managerial team, that comes from our employees ranks, will help BrandTailors to evolve from work processes point of view and will contribute decisively to creating a new sustainable structure that will transform BrandTailors, on long term, in an undisputed leader of Romanian brand consultancy market

Beatrice Danis

Managing Partner BrandTailors

Romanian BrandTailors worked for an impressive portfolio of clients, that includes names such as The Coca-Cola Company, GlaxoSmithKline, Intersnak, Pepsico, Lactalis, Tetra Pak, Albalact, Caroli Foods, Kandia, Azuga Waters, Titan, Ţiriac Holdings, Intact Media Group, Smartree or Petrom, Kandia, Măgura, ROM, Silvana, Zuzu, Fulga, Rarăul,Lăptic LaDorna, Perla Covasnei, Eurovita, Antena 1, UTV, Europa FM, Radio 21, BCR Open România or Class Living, Azuga Apa de Izvor, HapiHap, Grania, Generis, Vibe FM, Active Watch Naturlich or many others.