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IAB Romania organizes, on October 5th 2011, in Bucharest, the 1st edition of IAB Forum Romania, official event of Romanian online advertising industry, that will be attended by European important guests.

The 1st edition of IAB Forum Romania will bring together for talks representatives of the most important companies involved in online advertising locally and internationally, such as Yahoo!, Deutsche Post/NuggAd, BBC Worldwide, Google or PricewaterhouseCoopers. Also, at IAB Forum Romania, 3 representatives from IAB Europe will be present for the 1st time and will have presentations on televant matters regarding Romanian online market.

Live blogging at the event are Doru Panaitescu and Titus Capilnean.

First session:

AdEX – source IAB Europe – Catherine Borrel

– 15 % growth for european online market

– Russia, Turkey and Romania – online markets with the biggest growth in 2009-2010

– 2010 was the year of display, the countries with the highest digital display: Slovenia, Finland, Switzerland, Ireland, Romania, Spain, UK, Romania, Russia, croatia and Norway

– search growth in 2010: Russia, Hungary, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Czech Republic, Norway, Finland, Switzerland

– display grows faster than search; digital advertising is totally depending on internet penetration

– Romania ranked last (with under 5%) from online spending point of view in the total advertising spending in 2010

– Romanian companies should leave the door open for video and other formats

– Considering the last 5 years, Romania had a more consistent share in digital media only in 2009 and 2010.

About Catherine

Alongside the key research activities at IAB Europe, Catherine manages events, special projects, and the annual AdEx project.

Catherine’s interest in new media channels was sparked in 2003 when she began working for the IAB UK where she managed the key corporate memberships. Catherine then moved across to IAB Europe where she has worked since early 2007.

Prior to joining the IAB network Catherine had spent two years as a marketing executive in the children’s television department at BBC Worldwide, and a further two years in the world of PR and sponsorship with Karen Earl Ltd, a leading sponsorship marketing agency.

ROADS S1 2011 – Ruxandra Bandila – PwC Romania

– internet users check internet before making purchases

– ROADS results are released on half year basis

– biggest investments on online advertising by industry: Finance, Telecoms and Motors

The 1st session had as speakers Alison Fennah (VP Research of IAB Europe), Catherine Borrel (research Manager la IAB Europe) and Ruxandra Bandila (Marketing and Business Director – PWC Romania). This way, women opened the day, in a conference dedicated to a domain like online, traditionally dominated, at least in Romania, by men.

2nd Session

Second session started with “The Future is Digital Branding” – a presentation about how to make branding when there are strong demands for online performance.

Tomasz Teodorczyk  – Sales Director CEE NuggAd

– looking for new currency for branding advertising; common currency is, in general, CPr- also the problem of the market because it doesn’t really help publishers

– Digital media is currently used as a direct response medum. There is an ubiquous faith in CPR

– people do not click – it’s gonna be the same in the next 10 years – only 16% click on ads

-non-clickers are consumers and also interact with brands, even if they do not click on ads

– digital marketing is at the edge of the next evolutional leap

– branding campaign 2.0 – there are needed changes in media planning. Everybody buys content cooperation, homepage promotions and social media activities; the need exists for a defined reach and the frequency within the target group

– solutions from nugg.ad: tools for audience management, brand measurement and brand optimization

About Tomasz

Tomasz started his professional career in 2006 as a Sales Manager in ARBOmedia Poland. Responsible for coopeartion with key media agencies including Starcom, Group M, Carat. From 2008 responsible for nugg.ad predictive retargeting expansion in Poland and other CEE countries. At the moment Tomasz is a Sales Director CEE in nugg.ad controlling business relations with key media partners in Central and Eastern Europe.

Second presentation of the session – “Implicit effectiveness of online advertising”, a study on monitoring online campaign and evaluating them beyond click-through rates –  Björn Kaspring, Senior Division Manager IAB Germany (BVDW/OVK)

About Bjorn

Björn Kaspring has been working for the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V. since 2007. As Senior Division Manager, he is responsible for the online marketing group (Online-Vermarkterkreis/OVK) and all labs and units assigned to this division. He represents the BVDW as a delegate in the online media organization committee of the IVW, in the online research work’s council (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online-Forschung/AGOF e.V.), in the INFOnline partner representation and in some ZAW work groups. In 2011 he was elected to the IAB Europe board for the second time in order to represent the interests of the German online industry and bring industry initiatives to the European level.

Before joining the BVDW, he worked in various management positions in commercial and multimedia agencies.

Tom Bowman, VP Strategy & Operations Global Advertising Sales – BBC Worldwide, – 3rd presentation “From soap operas to star players – How should brands think about branded content?” – about branded content from TV and films to online videos, from creative apps and digital execution to innovative use of the traditional ad break

Enchanted Kingdom trailer

-advertisers don’t want to advertise in only one medium anymore

– brands want to get close to content like they never did before; they know they need results. It’s to risky to spend a lot of money for a video and hope it will go all right.

– branded content must bring added value

-it’s no longer possible for a brand just to say it is great, it has to prove it also; must prove the values it stands for

-US marketers spent 40BN dollars on custom content in 2010

– 53% of videos generate few than 500 views on YouTube

– editorial content risk perception of bias

– BBC iPlayer received 157 M requests for TV and radio programmes in june 2011

– 1 in 10 mobile users watches video content on their device

– Brand Augmented content –  add value to consumers’ experience of the content they care about

– Heineken – multi-screen interactivity

[youtube -QO8IYm2xVo nolink]

– Doctor Who – launched in US with a cut scene that was replaced with a 60 seconds commercial that was remaking the scene, branded by AT&T and connected to the series – the comics retained 88% of show’s audience during the commercial break.

About Tom

Tom is the Vice President of Strategy & Operations for Global Advertising Sales at BBC Worldwide.  Tom heads up a globally based team responsible for Sales Operations, Pricing and Inventory, Branded Content and Custom Solutions across the BBC’s TV, digital and mobile media services and also including Global Brand opportunities and new ventures. 

Tom joined BBC Worldwide in November 2007 as the Vice President of International Advertising Sales for BBC.com. He is well-known across the Media business having worked for some of the largest names in the industry; and has a particular interest in developing digital opportunities.

Prior to joining BBC Worldwide, Tom held a number of commercial roles at MSN including leading global sales strategy, opening new markets and heading up the EMEA, LATAM and Asian sales teams.  Prior to his time at MSN, Tom was the launch sales director for both Yahoo! UK and ZD Net UK. He has also worked on the agency side with the Saatchi and Saatchi Group and has held a number of non-executive directorships. He is currently an elected Board member of IAB Europe.

3rd session

“Mobile Adserving” – Smart AdServer

– presentation on the mobile adserving techiques and advantages of Smart AdServer tools

– customers in 26 countries, including Romania, offices in 8 countries

– ad delivery workflow – 3 segments for mobile: WAP, mobile sites and applications;

“Display Landscape & Media Planning” with Steffen Ehrhardt (Display Product Specialist – Google EMEA)

– online display market – over $200 BN in the next 10 years

-creative part can’t even be replaced by machines

– getting to the next level in display: better targeting, better messaging and better measurement

-86% of mobile phones’ users use mobile internet while watching TV

– by 2015 – half of all display ads will be rich media ads; rich media with video lift by 1.16% the purchase intent.

About Steffen

Steffen Ehrhardt is a Product Specialist at Google Germany, where he has been since 2003.

His main focus is currently on display products and he presents regularly at conferences and Google events, having represented Google at events in over 30 countries. He is also an Emerging Market Evangelist for Google, with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe, The Middle East and Africa.

Why creativity needs to be at heart of everything you do online” with Josh Partridge (Head of Operations & Strategy, Yahoo! Expansion Markets)

– Romania is an expanding market, not an emerging one

– creativity must be in the heart of what you do online

– Yahoo in Romania: 8.8M unique visitors; Yahoo News Romania to launch in November 2011 and Yahoo OMG in November / December

About Josh Partridge

Josh Partridge is the Head of Operations & Strategy for the Expansion Markets region at Yahoo!, coordinating Yahoo!s commercial and audience strategy across this vast and growing region. Prior to this role Josh looked after Sales Operations for EMEA, and was tasked with coordinating the sales effort across all 10 sales teams in the region. Before that, Josh worked for Disney and NBC-Universal.

Presentation Cornelia Sofronie – External Relations Specialist P&G Romania

Casse study on a Pampers campaign –

Study cases regarding online integration in marketing strategies – with Tom Ollerton (Associate Director, Skive London)


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