Ogilvy signs also in 2011 the communication campaign for Anim’est


Ogilvy Romania signs also in 2011 the communication campaign for the International Festival of Animation  Anim’est, an event that reached its 6th edition and that takes place, in the following days, in Bucharest.

Ogilvy Romania and Anim’Est started working together in 2007 and included, each year, an original platform to promote the 10 days of animated movies projections

For 2011’s edition, the communication campaign is build around the idea “Animation is back in town”, that focuses on the spectacular experience it offers to national and international public. The main component of the campaign is the TV ad “Jumper”, representative for the festival.

[youtube 5rGXiXz7pr4&feature=player_embedded nolink]

A few months ago, some friends asked me to go to Moscow in October. I asked in which period and, when I found out that it’s after 10th of the month, I refused, saying that’s during the festival. Which festival?, they asked. My festival, I answered. Anim’est is not mine, but that’s the way I got to see it after 3 years. I’d like it to be mine. For 3 years, each summer, we work for Anim’est. Until now, we had sheep undressing, perverted shepherd, scared controllers, Romanian trains and British hipsters. Now we have confused suicidal people and “creepy bunnies in the loo”.  The suicidal person ad was written by my colleague Donald, and the stunt man’s name is Jerry. How can you not wish this festival? It is perfect”

Dani Macarie

Creative Director Ogilvy Group.

The communication campaign made by Ogilvy for Anim’est 2011 runs in October 2011 and includes TV, online, radio, print and OOH.

The team working on this campaign included Vlad Ilicevici – Executive Director and Mihai Mitrică – Festival Director, from Este’n’Est ; Ogilvy’s group team included Albert Nica – Executive Creative Director, Dani Macarie – Creative Director, Donald Simioniu – Art Director, Catalin Popescu – Art Director, Bogdan Moga – Art Director, Cristian Dita – Art Director, Alin Sirbu – Art Director, Anca Ungureanu – Art Director, Alexandra Manoilă – Copywriter, Ioana Zamfir – Copywriter, Corina Bompa – Copywriter, Cristian Simion – Copywriter, Adrian Poenaru – Copywriter, Anca Nita – Senior Account Manager, Mihaela Vasilescu – Account Executive, Oana Boghici – AV Producer, Lilian Neagu – Production Director and Oana Petroff – Managing Director Mindshare.

The TV ads of the campaign were directed by Hypno, while the production was made by Abis Studio.