DraftFCB launched “European rightly” for JTI, a campaign against cigarettes traffic


DraftFCB launched the campaign “European rightly”, initiated by JTI in partnership with the Romanian National Customs Authorities. The campaign runs from September 20th until October 31st, in Bucharest and other 7 Romanian towns.

At the launch of the campaign there were present, together with JTI representatives,  Sorin Blejnar, president of National Agency for Fiscal Management,  Viorel Comanita, chief of National Customs Authority, and Marian Marcu , representative of  Novel Research.

The 2010 campaign, initiated by JTI, “Traffic seriously damages society”, tried to get attention towards the negative effects of this phenomena, addressing an urban educated public, capable to understand the complex aspects of illicit traffic.

Cigarettes traffic decreased during the last year from 36% to under 15%. It is a fantastic evolution and a number that is making us happy and gives us hopes. Moreover, it is a percent comparable to the European medium numbers. We find it normal though to present it as a result we can be proud of, a reason – among so many others –  to feel rightly European. It is an optimistic campaign, without dark subtext, without unreasonable passions, without under text references, that presents the problem in an interactive way, betting on social responsibility and collective pride as values that made Europe what it is right now. The website is already rich in references received from the ones that already got in contact with our message and that share their reasons to feel Europeans in Romania

Claudiu Dobrita

Creative Director DraftFCB

The campaign that runs this year targets the same type of public and aims to increase the conscientiousness degree and to push up efforts to counter the phenomena with the help of new forces, through means and reasons less usual to the public.

The campaign aims to bring together all the places in Romania where people feel like abroad, all the projects and initiatives that, through common sense and authentic beauty, prove that Romania doesn’t just happen to be part of European Union by mistake.

The campaign runs on TV, radio, written press, OOH (Outdoor, TV screens and on Cocor media channel), Zoom/Monopoly screens in subway stations and on Henry Coanda International Airport, but also on internet, through the website www.sunt-european.ro .

DraftFCB’s team involved in the project includes Vlad Tomei (Copywriter), Catalin Rulea (Art Director), Radu Ghitescu ( Art Director), Alex Hariga (Digital Art Director), Claudiu Dobrita (Creative Director), Cristina Badea (Account Manager) and Sorina Pirlea (BTL&PR Director)

Draftfcb appeared through the merger between Foote Cone & Belding (FCB) and DRAFT and has, at international level, over 9,500 employees in 180 subsidiaries in 11- countries. In Romania, Foote Cone & Belding (FCB) has over 10 years of activity

Among Draftfcb Romania’s clinets there are Beiersdorf (NIVEA, Eucerin), Brown Forman (Jack Daniel’s Rally Team), Fashion House Outlet Centre, Focus Sat, JTI (Camel, Glamour, Sobranie), Kika, Kraft (Oreo, Tuc), Lavazza, Philips, SC  Johnson Wax (Duck Anitra, Pronto, Mr. Muscle, Glade, Oust, Raid, Baygon, Autan, OFF!), SCA Hygene (Zewa), Ursus Breweries (Redd’s) and Vodafone.