Gemius won an auction to make online audience studies in Czech Republic

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Gemius, leader company in online research for EMEA, won an auction to make the online audience studies in Czech Republic. The Czech association of online marketing and advertising industry, SPIR, decided to change the audience study provider, that was previously comScore, due to some delays in implementation and because of company’s failure to deliver all the contracted services in the next planned stage of the research.

The pitch to select the provider of online audience studies was announced online in 2010. In the competition were the following companies: Gemius and Mediaresearch, comScore, Data Collect and TNS Aisa. Initially, SPIR decided to work with comScore but, after a few months of negociations and reevaluations, the association changed its decision and went for Gemius and Mediaresearch.

The new wave of measuring the Czech online audience starts in January 2012 and will cover a three years period. The study consists in measuring websites, mobile traffic, multimedia content and apps. Also, the study will introduce a number of innovations especially after implementing a new generation of web analytics tools, gemiusTraffic2. The most important characteristic is the introduction of a new way of calculating data, that facilitates fast delivery of the online monthly traffic information, together with the socio-demographic structure of the internet users.

Gemius is an international research agency, leader in research about and on internet in Europe. Founded in Poland, Gemius expanded its reach in EMEA, having activities in more than 20 markets. The company pioneers the hybrid methodology of measuring online audiences, integrating both consumer panels and advanced research.