Friends For Friends Foundation to award the good writing, on Saturday

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Friends For Friends Foundation and the jury will award the participants to Super-Writings Awards on Saturday, during a Gala that will mark the end of the 1st edition of the event.

The jury of the writing contest is headed by Vlad Petreanu and includes 8 other well known journalism and creative writing professionals, such as Andra Badicioiu, Cristi Lupsa, Julius Constantinescu, Larisa Ghitulescu, Mona Nicoara, Petrisor Obae, Viorel Ilisoi and Vlad Mixich.

The 1st edition of Super-Writings Awards was launched in June 2011 and received 346 materials from 213 participants. The contest offers 5 big prizes (Euro 500 each) per section, books from Publica and Okian, and 5 passes for the creative writing workshop organized by Decat o Revista.

Moreover, Publica publishing house is offering, if the contest will provide quality materials, the publishing of the stories in a Superscrieri 2011 volume, that will be launched in book stores in the following period.

Friends For Friends Foundation’s project aims to become an annual event, open for all mediums and that promotes narrative and creative writing about people, events and real moments, as ways in which the power of the words is influencing the good in inter-human relations and is generating changes of attitude, habits and norms.

At the awards gala are invited all the contestants, the jurors, journalists and people interested in supporting the competition.

Friends For Friends Foundation (FFFF) is supporting practical creativity. Among the most known FFFF projects are  Drafts 1.0 exhibition – collection of people and ideas to become great, FFFF Library – over 1,200 books useful to professionals involved in creative ideas, Creative Lobe – online show that explores successfull careers, Caffffe Creativa events and, last but not the least, Super-Writings Awards.