McCann Romania and Rom strike again: Change Romania online for the national day!

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For December 1st, Romania’s day, ROM wants to transform Romania in the 1st country that changes its image over the internet.

After articles and TV programs in Frabne and Italy that offended the entire country, Romanians are now “punished” on the internet also: when one looks “Romanians are..” on a Google search in any language, the automated generated suggestions would offend also the most indifferent Romanian.

ROM dares Romanians that, until 1st of December, to look on Google for “Romanians are smart” in as many languages as possible. The more searches made, the more chances to change the automated suggestions generated by Google and, in the end, to also change Romanians image over the internet.

ROM is a profoundly Romanian brand, that forces us to take a stance when we see Romania is the victim of some serious prejudgement. That is why we decided to assume a cause that honors us: to fight for Romanians’ image. Romanians image over the internet, the image of Romanians about themselves, the image of Romanians abroad. The campaign “Romanians are smart” is continuing the effort launched through “New ROM” campaign, aiming to reinvigorate the national pride

Gabriela Munteanu

Marketing Manager Kandia Dulce

Campaign’s website also has a section that aims to bring together as many great Romanians, people that aren’t thieves or stupid or any of the invectives that come up in searches.

We hear way too often about the bad image Romanians have abroad. Because of the numbers, these news almost don’t surprise us. They are just generating an unpleasant feeling of indignation, combined with the frustration that there’s nothing you can do to change this. “Romanians are smart” campaign aims to transform what seemed another bad news in a cause to bring together Romanians. ROM asks people again to bet on their national feelings and ask Romanians to change their country’s image over the internet. Because we know this change desire comes from the heart and not from technical knowledge about internet, the campaign website,, makes possible for any Romanian to easily join this cause

Catalin Dobre

Group Creative Director McCann Erickson

The campaign already had impact in Romanian bloggers, that already wrote about it: Zoso says Romanians are intelligent, Raluxa says Romanians are creatives, says Romanians are smart, Manafu says Romanians are good people, Mircea Badea goes with Romanians are like us, Ionut Munteanu goes with Romanians are sensational, Marius Matache Says at his turn that Romanians are creative, Bortun+Olteanu speaks about Romanians are smart, Dragis Smeu says Romanian are innovative, while Cabral says also Romanians are smart! Let’s do it!.

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