Born in Romania. Like Me – a campaign signed by Graffiti BBDO

Creativity, Marketing, Media

Graffiti BBDO signs the 5 visuals of the viral pro-Romania posters campaign “Why do I love Romania” launched by Pro TV, Gandul, ProSport,, Ziarul Financiar and Mediafax.

The 5 posters, created by Mihai Gongu – Copywriter and Adi Ghita – Art Director, focus on 5 known Romanians that changed the world through their inventions and performances: Stefan Odobleja, Nicolae Paulescu, Henri Coanda, Ilie Nastase and Nadia Comaneci.

With the message “Born in Romania. Like me.”, the 5 visuals are posted on, offering to Romanians living abroad the option to download them and expose them in the countries they live in, make photos with them and post those on the website, along with their comments. All participants to this exercise will turn into proud spokespeople for Romania and Romanian values.

We were wondering if Romania doesn’t have something more interesting and special to offer than Danube Delta, Black Sea, People’s House or Bran Castle. And we found that something: the people

Romanians can be the main attraction of this country. Romanians known for their genius, spirit, charisma, talent in the old fashion and not tainted sense of the words, with passion and value. We created a series of prints with a clean style, each with a hook headline, referring to Romanian past or present personalities that had an influence over humanity. We stopped at 5, but there are probably at least five times more

Mihai Gongu

Creative Director Graffiti BBDO

It is probably the best thing Graffiti can make while celebrating its 20 years: to remind Romanians that we have many positive examples and to contribute to increasing the national pride feeling.

Cosmin Radoi

Managing Director Graffiti BBDO

Made together with Pro TV and Mediafax Group, the campaign also links with a Pro TV initiative that demands Romanians to enter a special site and, in a videoclip filmed with the webcam, to say what they like about their country.

The site where the videos can be registered is, an initiative coming from Stirile ProTV. Launched on November 21st, Cabina ProTv attracted already hundreds of users that are eager to declare their feelings for Romania. The most powerful messages will be broadcasted on Pro TV on December 1st, Romanian national day and the day the TV channel celebrates 16 years since the launch on the market.