Internet industry offers consumers a better and more transparent control of behavioral advertising

Digital & Media

Online advertising organizations and self-regulating organisms meet up last week to finalize the launch of EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance), that will manage an innovative and revolutionary sistem of self-regulation for online behavioral advertising  (OBA). This system offers internet users a new level of transparency and control for online behavioral advertising.

The transparency element is insured by an universal recognized pictogram – “AdChoices” – that will appear when data is collected for delivering behavioral ads by third parties. When the pictogram is accessed, the user will be presented with clear and easy to understand info about behavioral advertising.

The  pictogram will offer users control mechanisms over behavioral advertising also via the website Your Online Choices. This website covers already 16 countries from UE/EEA and also includes a functionality that offers users the option to block behavioral advertising if they want. An important characteristic of this project is that it involves the entire industry and is supported by the ads managing system administrated by EASA.

Self-regulatory sistem for behavioral advertising comes as a support for the demands of the actual legislation regarding transparency and the online privacy control. The initiative is part of the self-regulation and reglementation package of the online industry insuring the compliance with the revised legislation implemented nationally in all UE and EEA countries.