The launch of the book Mic Dejun 2.0 – a new World Record

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Kraft Foods Romania set a new world record within the launch event of the book Mic Dejun 2.0 written with the contribution of the Facebook fans of belVita Start biscuits, and brings Romania a new Guinness World Records certificate.

29 co-authors of the Mic Dejun 2.0 book were present at the launch on November 29th 2011 and simultaneously each of them signed a copy of the volume, setting a new world record certified today by the Guinness World Records representatives.

The previous record for “Most authors signing the same book simultaneously” had been set at 20 people. This was broken at the end of November 2011 by the authors of Mic Dejun 2.0, coming from all parts of the country to support their favourite brand – belVita Start – and contribute to making the book they wrote together an international milestone.

Mic Dejun 2.0 is an unique project, which showed the fact that Romanians are preoccupied by a balanced and healthy lifestyle and which could not have been possible without the involvement of belVita Start consumers and social media fans. We are happy that belVita Start fans contributed, through Facebook, to the content of this volume and that they did do in such a great number.We thank them for being with us at the launch to support us to set together a new world record

Maria Burnuz

Brand Manager Biscuits Kraft Foods Romania

Setting a new world record was an objective assumed by all the co-authors present at the event, who expressed their confidence in receiving this certificate even at that moment, as well as the desire to get involved in other projects alongside their favorite brand, belVita Start.

Mic Dejun 2.0, a unique project on the Romanian market, presents breakfast from the perspective of 114 co-authors, who contributed to writing the content of this book via Facebook during a 4-weeks campaign.

Mic Dejun 2.0 was published in 1.000 copies which will be offered as presents to the co-authors and subsequently to over 600 fans that will accept the challenges and competitions organized in the following period of time, from the over 20.000 de fans of the belVita Start Facebook page.