Updated: Romanians made online aquisitions of Euro 160-200M in 2011

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Romanians made important online aquisitions in 2011, estimated at Euro 160M by Romcard & ePayment and at Euro 200M by Netopia and mobilPay

Romcard & ePayment: Romanians paid for online acquisitions around Euro 160M in 2011

The volume of online payment ecommerce in 2011 increased 24% compared to 2010, reaching to Euro 158.9M, according to  Romcard data. Out of that, ePayment processed Euro 138.8M, the months with the highest transaction volume (over Euro 14M monthly) being May, June and July.

The increase registered in 2011 was boosted by a series of campaigns and promotions made by industry’s players.

The increase of the industry is a natural phenomena, as the industry evolves and attracts more and more buyers, and this trend will continue also in the next years. In 2011, both online stores and payments handlers, bakns and card issuers implemented campaigns to encourage ecommerce, to communicate online payments benefits, with accent on security and 3d Secure, but also discount campaigns. The 1st offered needed clarifications on ecommerce mechanisms, the others gave the needed boost for buys. Together, they encouraged the online payments and supported industry’s development

Cristian Herghelegiu

Country Manager ePayment, PayU Group.

Compared to previous years, when only some domains had spectacular evolutions, the growth from 2011 influenced almost all the domains. In 2011, there were increases in online flower buying -29.62%, toys – 23.38%, presents -21,26%,  IT products – 32%.  Also, internet proved to be a very suited channel for NGO-s, online donations having a 26% increase in 2011 compared to previous year.

The media value of the online buys was positive, from Euro 58 in 2010 to Euro 64 in 2011, according to ePayment data. The biggest transactions were made for tourism, software, ITC and toys, with 163, 126, 114 and, respectively, Euro 81. Opposite, the lowerst transactions were for cheap products and services, such as books, show tickets, discount coupons or utilities payment (medium level of around 30 euros).

For the entire  2011, the most expensive transactions were made to buy plane tickets (Euro 9,700), touristic packages (Euro 8,800) and software products (Euro 6,000). Most of the transactions were made from Romania – 59.84%, but also from Italy  – 14.71% or Spain – 5.82%

For 2012, the representatives of the company are estimating an increase of online transactions that will reach a value of Euro 200M.
Netopia & MobilPay: Over 60% increase of transactions in 2011 compared to 2010, total amount spent on internet buys – Euro 200M
The online card payments market increased 60% last year compared to 2010 and the total value of online buys reached to over Euro 200M, according to Netopia mobilPay representatives.

 mobilPay processed last year 1.4M transactions with a total value of Euro 40M. The medium value of a transaction was of around Euro 40. In the same period of time, the competitors from ePayment processed 2M transactions, according to Netopia data, quited by DailyBusiness.ro.