Over 1.4M Romanian kids and parents are listening to Itsy Bitsy FM


In 2011, Itsy Bitsy FM, the 1st radio for kids in Europe, reached to an estimated audience of 1.48M listeners in 18 big Romanian cities. Six years after the 1st broadcast, the 2 alien kids Itsy and Bitsy – radio’s mascotes – made friends from Constanta to Satu Mare, entire families that found in Itsy Bitsy radio a partner for their lives.

A D&D Reserch research made in 2011 shows that, through the statistic distribution of its target, Itsy Bitsy FM is more than a niche radio in Romania. HAving a relatively equal distribution on genders – 56 % women and 44% men – the radio became a generalist one with unique features in Romanian media market. Its unicity is given by its listeners fidelity, 77% of them listening to it at least once in 2-3 days and also by the fact that it is an active companion for people’s family lives.

The educational role of Itsy Bitsy messages is so powerful that it became a main feature for everything it proposes to its public. Keeping the specific of communicating with kids, Itsy Bitsy’s programs are using creativity and games to maintain the interest and the involvement of the listeners, no matter their age.

We wanted since the start to answer real needs Romanian children and kids have. That is why we count so much on their involvement and feedback. The public appreciates us when we keep the innocent and creative message of the childhood and stimulates us to be creative and courageous in the same time

Nadia Tataru

General Manager Itsy Bitsy Radio

Radio’s programs are always using different ways of approaching every day’s life for a family’s members, while the commercial messages from commercial breaks are giving info about products carefully selected.

People know commercial communication is different at Itsy Bitsy and this is an advantage that we are very attentive at. We like to be innovative and creative together with our commercial partners, and this was very appreciated in the last couple crisis years, when the general marketing suffered major transformations. Maybe the sincerity of the messages we accustomed our public with is now even more valued than in the glory years of the classical advertising

Nadia Tataru

Innovative products or products that answer childrens’ general needs, messages or mascots more or less known were brought alive at Itsy Bitsy FM. Bebecina Hipo came in the childhood universe with practical advices on how to take care of a baby and of the entire family, Barni bear gave interesting info on a healthy family life, while Fulga cow was launched in her space adventure together with  Itsy Bitsy characters . On the other hand, Supradyn Junior and Itsy Bitsy characters unveiled the secrets of a good growth and development, even from the childhood. Also, Itsy Bitsy is a suporter of the social campaigns from Vodafone Foundation or Dona Pharmacies.

When it comes of the new year, Itsy Bitsy team continues to prepare new surprises for kids and their parents.

Itsy Bitsy educational platform includes the 1st radio for kids and parents in Europe, Itsy Bitsy FM, that broadcasts on air and online, Itsybitsy.ro portal and Itsy Bitsy events, that allow direct and permanent contact with the public in kinder-gardens, schools, play-grounds or parks. Since its launch, Itsy Bitsy adopted a self-regulation and self-censorship policy regarding the content of the programs and in what concerns the advertised products, refusing to promote any product that is not suited, safe or good for children. The radio braodcasts nowadays in  Bucuresti, Satu Mare, Bacau, Navodari-Constanta, Targoviste, Focsani, Braila, Galati, Slobozia, Cluj-Napoca, Alba Iulia, Sibiu, Botosani, Suceava, Tulcea, Alexandria, Giurgiu, Resita and online, on www.itsybitsy.ro.