Trilulilu launched Zonga, an app that offers access to the biggest official music selection in Romania

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After the success of the biggest sharing online community in Romania, Trilulilu launched a new digital product,  Zonga, an app that offers users access to the biggest official music collection in Romania.

Zonga is a music player users can install on their computer or mobile phone and listen any song they want. Zonga facilitates users immediate access to all their most liked songs. The music is online and the playlists, favourite songs and users preferences are sincronized automatically between all the devices they own.

The content is on demand, but there are also radio options. Moreover, Zonga allows listening to the songs also when the user doesn’t have access to the internet, although this option isn’t available for the moment for the desktop app

The product we launch today will improve fundamentaly the way Romanians are listening to the music. The most important aspect of Zonga is streaming listening, which means you don’t download files in your computer. All your favorite music is already there, you just need to select what you want to listen and to enjoy the music. It is like having music from anywhere in the world with you, all the time

Sergiu Biris


Zonga’s development was made by a team of 6 people and took 2 years and a half, while similar services available in other countries were made by teams including tens of people.

Investments in communication will be of half million Euro this year, with the most important promotional channel being Trilulilu itself. Zonga’s onjective is to reach, in the 1st year, 150,000 users.

Zonga brings also 2 major innovations at national level: it is the 1st time when all the major records studios, including the international ones (Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music, EMI) are involved in such a project and, secondly, all the content is 100% legal, the biggest part of the subscriptions going to the producers and their recording studios, helping this way the musical industry in Romania.

Universal music supported this business model even from its start at international level and this is why we appreciated Trilulilu’s initiative to launch such a service in Romania. Zonga represents a combination between artist payments, consumer’s joy to access his favorite music and brand opportunities to promote on this channel

Ioana Fesnic

Managing Director Universal Music Romania &  Bulgaria


ORDA supports Zonga because it represents the 1st solid alternative to online musical piratery. The fact that this service will insure the protection of musical property by streaming and not downloading and also the fact that their authors will receive their rightfull rights are, from ORDA’s point of view, the main reasons why we salute the launch of this service

Razvan Casmoiu

Director, Romanian Office for Copyright  (ORDA)

For the moment, Zonga is available in Private BETA, 500 users being invited to test the product and offer improvement suggestions. The launch for general public will be in April.

Although content will keep being added until the public launch, Zonga includes, for now, 1,700 hours of music and over 5,800 artists. Eventually, Zonga will offer over 1.5M songs from all over the world.

Besides the website, Zonga will be available also through a desktop app and on mobiles, for now on  iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android. The developers are working also to release mobile versions of the service for more types of mobiles that can access the internet.