Turnover up 20% in 2011 for Romanian branding agency BrandTailors


Romanian branding agency BrandTailors posted, at the end of 2011, a consolidated turnover of Euro  895,000, 20% higher than the previous year, when it ended the year with Euro 742,000. The financial results, compared to the ones posted 2 years ago, show that, during the period that passed, the agency almost doubled its turnover.

In spite of the difficult situation on the market and of the economical crisis effects on the entire branding industry, in 2011, BrandTailors team developed over 20 projects, some of them ready to be launched in the 1st half of this year. Also in 2011, the value of BrandTailors services was confirmed once again by winning of 2 awards at the international competition ReBrand 100, with rebranding projects for Raraul and BCR Open Romania, and by winning the only Effie awards for a brand consultancy in Romania, for the brand activation program for Rarul

Beatrice Danis

Managing Partner

In 2012, BrandTailors aims to launch no less than 22 projects, both for clients it worked with for a long time – Albalact, Kandia Dulce or Interstar Chim –  and new clients – Novation Wave, Honey Factory or Fabryo.

For 2012, BrandTailors also aims to strenghten its organizational structure, by consolidating the creative and brand design team.