Gabriel Patru is the new Integrated Communication Manager at Media Direction


Gabriel Patru, Senior Strategic Planner at Media Direction, took over as Integrated Communication Manager, a position needed in agency’s hierarchy as Media Direction’s services diversified.

In 2011, we consolidated a series of competencies in digital. Now we have complementary specializations and a services range that allows us to integrate our clients’ online presence in complexe and creative projects. This will be Gabriel’s role, together with the attribution related to coordinating the research and strategy department

Oana Padure

Managing Director Media Direction

The communication feed is in real time, the roles are more and more specialized, and online went way beyond being just a simple channel. In this context, communication’s  holistic perspective is more important than ever to obtain the maximum efficiency from the communication mix and to authentically know a mobile and reactive consumer (…) The challange is even more attractive as no Romanian media agency has a similar position in its ranks

Gabriel Patru

Gabriel Patru works for 2 years at Media Direction and has 6 years of experience in communication industry. Until 2010, he was Creative Strategic Planner at  Lowe Group Romania.

Media Direction is present on Romanian market for 10 years and has a portfolio that includes clients from sectors such as FMCG, Beauty, Finance and banking, Insurance, Pharma, Media&Entertainment, Government, Retail and IT.

Media Direction is member of BBDO Group Romania, part of BBDO Worldwide