Romanian Internal Affairs Ministry will send “journalistic-style” press releases


Romanian Internal Affairs Ministry (MAI) announced that it will send “journalistic-style” press releases and will have a special strategy for media crisis, according to Mediafax.

According to the news agency, MAI’s press releases will be written journalistically, structuring the info according to the inverted pyramid and will have titles to make curios people that receive them.

This new structure for the press release and the introduction of a strategy for media crisis are included in a MAI Order project, now in public debate on institution’s website.

According to the project in public debate, the info to be made public will respect the mass media accepted criteria: opportunity, novelty, impact, proximity, coverage, proeminence, unicity, human interest, educational value and others.

The document also introduces the notion of media crisis, presenting a strategy institution’s communication specialists can use to protect MAI’s image. This way, they have to avoid, during a media crisis, hesitations, confusion or revenge, they must avoid being “all knowlegeable” or confrontational.

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