The taste of beautiful mornings – a new campaign for Nescafe


McCann Erickson, Zenith Media and Graffiti PR are the agencies that sign “The taste of beautiful mornings”, a new campaign for Nescafe that supports the launch of Nescafe Brasero range, with 3 flavors (Mild, Original and  Strong). The launch of this new Nescafe range was a 1st on Romanian market.

Starting from the role coffee has in morning rituals, from habits and preferences everybody has, Nescafe Brasero launched 3 coffee assortments to match consumers in Romania.

We want to understand continously our consumers’ needs and preferences. This way, following our research, we found out that the main factors that a person takes in consideration when choosing a coffee are taste, aroma and strenght. That is why we developed a complete range based on taste. This way, our consumers can choose the product from Nescafe  Brasero that’s the most fitted to them (…); no matter the preferences, Nescafe  Brasero offers everyone a more beautiful morning

Ana Maria Doxan

Business Unit Manager Nestle Beverages

To promote the new coffee assortments, the campaign based on the idea of different typologies with one common factor, the taste of Nescafe Brasero – “Taste of beautiful mornings”. The new range is supported by ATL and BTL actions, but also through social media.

The fact that the development of the new Nescafe Brasero range is based on a very good insight – each person has his own wake up and “connecting to reality” ritual – made our mission pretty easy. We chose to illustrate each type of ritual with one of the 3 products of the range. It is one of the fortunate occasions when the products do their job so well that we only need to respect client’s brief

Alexandru Dumitrescu

Deputy Creative Director McCann Erickson.

The teams working on the  campaign included Ana-Maria Doxan – Business Manager Nestlé Beverages , Silviana Mihalache – Group Brand Manager Beverages and  Ramona Hărătau – Senior Brand Manager Beverages from Nestle.

In developing the campaign, besides McCann Erickson, there were also involved Zenith Media (Media) and Graffiti Public Relations (PR).