Rentrop&Straton: Orange tops usage among entrepreneurs in Romania, Vodafone and Cosmote follow

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Orange has the most used mobile telephony network by Romanian entrepreneurs (44.5%), followed by Vodafoneand Cosmote, according to a study made by Market Research division from Romanian-German group Rentrop&Straton.

According to “Mobile telephony usage by Romanian private entrepreneurs” study, the most important criteria taken in consideration in buying mobile telephony services is network’s coverage. Other important criteria are national calls costs (67.5%), company’s reputation (67.4%), quality of customer services (66.9%) and promotional offers (65.3%).

Romanian entrepreneurs are also considering the quality of mobile telephony services, with almost three quarters being happy with the services they have from their operator and saying that they wouldn’t change it. Also, they say they are happy with the diversity of their operator’s services and cost policies.

Among the apps – mobile internet, MMS, games and voice conference -, mobile internet is the best known, with 29.3% respondents saying they use mobile internet daily  and 16.9% saying they use it multiple times a day.

The study also shows that over 2/3 of the clients do not agree to receive ads on their mobile phones, considering those messages do not fulfill their objectives. Also, most of the participants (70.3%) disagree with operators recording their phone calls data and SMS-es and keep them for 6 months.

When it comes about mobile calls services, the reach among private businesses is of almost 100%, most of them benefiting of mobile calls services based on subscription (83%). 81.5% of the respondents are using mobile telephony also as private person.

Also, 77.1% of study participants are making around 5 phone calls a dat, and almost half of them (47.9%) have over 10 calls a day. The medium duration of a call is between 1 and 5 minutes, as 54.8% of respondents say.

Two thirds of the people that participated to the study stated that they use mobile phones mainly to keep in touch with family and friends.

Rentrop&Straton study used an echantillon of 944 respondents, that were interviewed between December 17th 2011 and January 10th 2012.

Rentrop&Straton is active for 16 years on Romanian specialized information market and has over 200,000 clients. The company has 170 employees, over 500 authors and specialists and an over Euro 4M turnover.

Rentrop&Straton is part of the international network VNR Verlag für die Deutsche Wirtschaft AG, German business consultancy with offices in Bonn, Berlin, Salzburg, Zürich, Warszaw, Bucharest, Moscow, London, Manchester, Madrid and  Johannesburg.