Romanian Twitter influence, studied by PeerIndex and

Digital & Media, British based service that measures users influence in social media, is launching together with, Romanian general interest news portal, an analysis tool to measure Romanian Twitter influence.

The analysis will also generate a top of Romanian Twitter users with the biggest influence potential, ranked in terms of individual scores generated by PeerIndex, following a complex algorhytm. algorhytm that measures influence take in consideration, besides the number of friends or followers, the interactions each user is generating with them and the individual score of each of the people he/she interacts with.

To obtain an accurate score, users must make an account on Following a test period that lasts for a week, during which all interested users are invited to join the portal, the top will be published on, together with an analysis with the influence potential everyone that enter the top has.

The classament – “The most influent Twitter users in Romania” – will be available during the test week on, on a special page, and will be updated in real time, until the end of the test period and as the users included in the rankings are completing their data.

By evaluating the social media trends with PeerIndex, anyone can determine his individual influence over the internet. Moreover, one can better understand social media communication in the industry he works for and also the authority of the users in his contacts network

Azeem Azhar

CEO Peer Index is a service that helps brands to identify and involve online opinion leaders in brand interactions and product samplings. Using its own influence analysis technology, PeerIndex identifies social media opinion leaders with expertise in different sectors, from electronics to fishing.