BrandTailors launches Igienol communication campaign


Romanian BrandTailors  developed and implemented the brand activation program for Igienol – Interstar Chim’s first chlorine-free disinfectant brand – taking a new step forward in terms of Romanian communication campaigns developed on the local branding market.

Built on three main objectives – to inform, involve and engage consumers – the Igienol brand activation program excels through a series of creative executions that are well-anchored in the brand values, are aimed at enforcing the brand’s foundation and which clearly set forth Igienol’s defining attributes in the targeted public’s perception.

The campaign slogan – “0% bacteria” – contributes to the settling of the product’s efficiency and safety characteristics in the mind of the consumer, while messages such as “1.000 smiles, 0% bacteria”, “500 footsteps, 0% bacteria” mark Igienol’s neat differentiation within the category, in a uniquely optimistic and overall positive manner.

Albeit the low budget we had at our hands, the success registered by Igienol’s brand activation program is mainly due to the foundation of the communication campaign’s premises in strategy. Its efficiency, simplicity and performance are tied to the messages’ clear, positive and well-targeted addressability, having ultimately led to both brand platform consolidation, as well as to the relevance Igienol’s differentiating brand attributes in the consumers’ minds.

Andreea Florea

Brand Strategy Coordinator BrandTailors

Campaign included communication in media and techniques such as written press branding, branded specialized websites, online competitions, user-generated content, sampling activities and support from Romanian pediatricians.

The new communication campaign developed for Igienol is a premiere by means of the variety of its executions that send the brand message forth in a uniquely distinctive and targeted manner. We are thrilled with regards to its functional simplicity, from the point of view of both concept and results.

Daniela Placintaru

Marketing Manager Interstar Chim Romania

BrandTailors team involved in the development of this project were Andreea Florea – account planning and creative concept, Andreea Florea, Dan Mihai, Melania Moisi and Mihai Pascu – brand communication, Alina Cranga and Cristina Ionescu – project management and Mihai Parpalea – preproduction processing. The client was represented by Daniela Placintaru – Marketing Manager and Gabriel Samoilă – Senior Brand Manager Igienol.

Campaign’s executions: