Study: Urban marketing profile for Romanian youth


“Youth in Romania. Marketing urban profile” is a research report made by Brennan Research & Consultants and  Quantix Marketing Consulting, together with Smark Research.

According to the study, most adolescents (79%) access the internet daily, 8% have gaming consoles and half (50%) would leave Romania to earn more money.

With boys more likely to buy smartphones, 5% of the adolescents own an iPhone; also, half of them have favourite personal care  brands they use all the time.

Young people drink the most fizz drinks, do not get involved in domestic decisions and prefer football teams such as Steaua Bucharest or FC Barcelona.

The report also states that religion is not a dissapearing species among adolescent but the one that offers them a credible explanation about the world and life in general. On the social front, 1 of 4 young people aged 14 – 21 y.o volunteers in actions coordinated by NGO-s or brands.

The report analyzes the adolescent and young adults population aged 14-21 y.o., living in urban areas.

This report was realized between May-November 2011, with the help of 900 respondents aged 14-21 y.o living in urban areas. The study is the 1st commercial initiative of Youth Monitor, a joint initiative from Brennan Research & Consultants and Quantix Marketing Consulting.