9 new clients for Romanian Friends Advertising in 2011


Romanian full-service advertising agency Friends Advertising expanded its clients portfolio with 7 new clients in 2011 (PSI Romania, MSD, Danone, Romanian Business Leaders, WBS, World Bank and Let’s Do It Romania), to which 2 new clients added at the beginning of this year (Vel Pitarand “Adalbert’s Dream” movie).

The new clients added to agency’s portfolio match Friends Advertising’s business objectives for 2012.

For 2012, Friends Advertising will continue to be “practical emotion makers” and to create projects that totally fit consumers’ needs. Agency’s campaigns and projects are reunited under the unique objective of transposing client’s needs in special moments for consumers.

If you know your job in 2012, it isn’t too much to say to the marketer that, even propagation planning or 6%  click-through-rate doesn’t mean too much for him, he would better let aside subjectivities and self-importance  matters and to understand fast the new consumption models. We make advertising starting from the consumer and I think this approach managed not only to keep us on the market but also to bring us clients where, as you can see clearly, the things aren’t too great: market quotes are decreasing, investments are dropping and, at the point of sales, the competition is waiting for you with a baseball club, many times waved by the retailer itself

Sorin Tranca

Creative Director & Founder Friends Advertising

In this moment, Friends Advertising has a 14 people team and a portfolio of over 19 active clients, among which Sensiblu, Rigips, Heineken, Sibex, European Drinks, PSI Romania (Love Plus), PSI Swaziland, Let’s Do It Romania, Unilever, Doppelherz, Protefix, Danone, BCR & Universal Music, F64, Romanian Business Leaders Summit, Admine Grecia, MSD, World Bank, Clinica Amethyst – Radiotherapy Center and Vel Pitar.