PayU campaign – Romanian ePayment rebranding – reached to over 6M people


“Be a PayU ambassadeur!”, launched to make public aware of Romanian ePayment rebranding as PayU, reached to over 6M people in just a week (January 22-29), through its indoor, outdoor, online and offline components.

PayU chose to close the rebranding campaign through an unconventional campaign, a competition between partner online stores. The objective was to send buyers the message that ePayment became PayU, thorugh creative and efficient means.

The campaign was supported by 14 PayU ambassadeurs and was the final step of the rebranding process for ePayment, provider of online payment integrated solutions, as PayU Romania.

The winners of the campaign were designated based on reports and audience indicators, analized by PayU marketing team. Also, to designate the winners there was made also a qualitative evaluation by a jury including communication, marketing, media and e-commerce specialists. The jury included Lucian Mandruta – Creative Marketing Manager Mediafax Group, Bogdana Butnar – blogger, consultant, digital marketing specialist and Industry Manager Google Romania, Adriana Iordan – Chief Product Evangelist Avangate, Victor Kapra – online consultant and blogger and Petrisor Obae – owner and editor

The success we achieved with this campaign, together with the 14 ambassadeurs, the excellent results obtained in promoting the brand change message makes us be proud that we built, during all these years, a very open and close partnership relation with all our partners. We want to thank all our partners for their involvement and enthuziasm and because they accepted out invitation to become PayU Ambassadeurs. We are convinced that our message gained a lot in credibility by direct involvement of our partners

Cristian Herghelegiu

Country Manager PayU Romania

The campaign designated, on February 13th, the 3 winners, during an event for all PayU partners. The winners were (Euro 2,000), (Euro 5,000) and Blue Air (Euro 15,000).