Malina Titirez is the new Client Service Director at Exact Cercetare&Consultanta

Marketing, Profiler, Studies

Malina Titirez is, starting March, the new Client Service Director at Exact  Cercetare & Consultanta (Research & Consultance). She has 12 years of experience in marketing research and graduated Sociology University and has a Master degree in Communication and PR.

In the 4 years of presence on the market, we build the reputation of an agency that’s very close to its clients. We consider that Exact is the sum of its clients and us, as a team, are the sum of the value each members brings. Malina’s presence among us, as Client Service Director, means an Exact team with multiplied value

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Managing Director EXACT Research & Consultance

During last 8 years, Malina Titirez occupied coordination positions in many multinational companies, such as FrieslandCampina Romania (Research&Business Inteligence Manager), Ursus Breweries (Research Manager), Coca-Cola Company and  Coca-Cola Hellenic (Marketing Research Supervisor), and she spent her 1st years in the field together with TNS-CSOP Romania team.


During the years spent in multinational companies, I had the occasion to work with different providers of research, so that is why I know very well the research market in Romania, with all it means. I chose to use my experience at Exact, where I found a professional team, with reaction speed and transparency, very precious qualities in this industry

Malina Titirez

Exact Research & Consultancy is a full service market research agency that offers to its clients an interpretation of data that goes beyond numbers, based on consultancy and marketing knowhow.