BrandTailors consolidates Kandia with a new brand identity and a new packaging


Romanian consultancy BrandTailors finished the rebranding for Kandia, consolidating brand’s notoriety on Romanian chocolate market and redefining its value.

Built on Kandia’s main values – tradition, authenticity and quality with no compromises -, the visual identity developed by BrandTailors repositions the brand as a singular one in Romanian chocolate industry, by eliminating the clichees normally affecting the category.

New Kandia’s identity underlines the particularity of the products – purity and abundance of cocoa and the pleasure of its taste – and unifies brand’s presence in all sub-categories where is present.

Opposite to actual trends of not showing properly the benefits of chocolate products on Romanian market, the impact of Kandia’s new visual identity is decisive, through introducing a different approach in packaging design – strong colors and fluid forms become seductive for consumers, without betraying the reality of products’ benefits

Melania Moisi

Group Creative Director BrandTailors

Multidimensional experience associated to the products range is completed through visual teritory of the brand, that consolidates Kandia’s positioning as unique authority on Romanian chocolate market.

Kandia project bears a special emotional value for BrandTailors. Grown since it was “a baby” in 2004, it benefited, with our company’s support, by a considerable boost both on the market and in consumers hearts, so it would be followed by an extraordinary growth to confirm, foreverm, the “evergreen” character and unequaled notoriety that Kandia has, for over 120 years, on the Romanian chocolate market. (…)

Andreea Florea

Brand Strategy Coordinator

BrandTailors’ team working on the project includes Andreea Florea – Brand Consultance, Ovidiu Pop – visual identity design, Melania Moisi – packaging design, Alina Cranga and Cristina Ionescu – project management, Mihai Parpalea – image retouche and pre-print.