HyperActive launched 1st improvisation interactive show, live on Fresh Comedy’s Facebook page

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Through a new integrated and interactive project created by HyperActive, Tic Tac offers a new round of humor to brands’ fans. Fresh Comedy Nights continues the comedy shows series on Fresh Comedy platform, launched last year, and bring on stage a weekly show with Improvisneyland.

In 2012, we want to create a new fresh experience with Tic Tac. We are coming with an improvisation show where the challenge of composing a theater play right there, live, with public’s help, is a real emotion, is the type of fresh experience specific for Tic Tac. Fresh Comedy is an interactive project that reflects very well HyperActive’s communication philosophy, because it gets over online’s limits, into the real life

Alexandra Trofin

Client Service Manager HyperActive

Each week, Fresh Comedy fans on Facebook are encouraged to post topics, which are selected to become the starting point for the improvisation scenes of the show. They are invited to watch a show every Thursday at 9.00 pm, at True Club, where they can enjoy throughout the event, a special minted cocktail, which is called “Fresh Comedy”.

Fresh Comedy Nights was designed as every Tic Tac project in the spirit of brand: discreet, but always close to the consumer. The venue for the show, the chosen band, the social activism on FB between classic and original, all confirm our intuition from the moment we launched the project: freshness can trully be found in two words!

Adriana Seserman

Brand Manager Tic Tac

The fresh moment of each show is translated into a series of videos which are then uploaded on the website / Facebook. Once a month, the show is seen live on Facebook, and every week some suggestions are chosen directly from the Fresh Comedy wall.

The first show was aired on March 8. The campaign started in February and ends in August. In the first three weeks of the campaign, hundreds of fans attended the live shows and offered suggestions for the improvisation shows in hundreds of comments on Facebook.

The team involved in the project: Alexandra Trofin – Client Service Manager, Anca Bundaru – Account Manager, Anca Muscalu – Copywriter, Manuela Stoicescu – Social Media Strategist, Vlad Macarie – Art Director, Bogdan Gheorghiu – Creative Director.