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Cristian Manafu, former business journalist and partner in Evensys, launched a new blog,, a space where Romanian specialists and people interested in social emdia will be able to find out much more resources than before. will include more info on social media than and will also represent a continuation of Strategist, blog launched in 2009 and than integrated in

“With, my purpose is to develop a professional blog on social media that would become an useful tool for marketing people and PR and advertising agencies in Romania. In the same time, this blog will promote the social media trainings and events. This will be a blog with many case studies, relevant news, solutions and ideas for brands and practical guides”, Cristian Manafu says, in a message sent at the launch of the blog.

Ex-business journalist, Cristian Manafu is one of the most active bloggers in Romania and a well-known organizer of business-to-business events. Starting 2008 he is also acting as trainer and social media consultant.

In his 8-years career in business journalism (the last 3 as editor in chief for Biz, Stuff and Campaign), Cristian was in charge of launching and re-launching some well-known magazines on the Romanian market. Starting November 2006 Cristian is Managing Partner with Evensys, a company that is specialized in organising business events. In 2007, he co-founded Eventive, a company that provides management and logistics for corporate events.

Since 2008, Cristian launched a series of open or in-house social media trainings and managed specialised campaigns and projects for a variety of companies and communications agencies. For the last 5 years he updates almost daily his personal blog,, where he writes about media, internet, advertising, blogging, technology etc.