Not so good news about internet usage and gadgets with internet access in Romania

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Half of the Romanians aged 16-74 y.o. never used a PC, a situation that places Romania on last place in PC usage in Europe, according to Eurostat, quoted by Romanian Hotnews.

According to the study, 50% of Romanians ever used a computer, compared to 96% in Sweden, 94% in Denmark and Netherland, 93% in Finland or 91% in UK. The medium European usage is 78%.

In Eurostat’s study, Romania is preceded by Bulgaria, with 55% of the population that said they used computers. The computer usage among Romanian youth (81%) represents also the smallest percentage in EU, compared to 96% at EU level and 100% in countries like Netherlands, Austria, Finland, Sweden, UK and Luxembourg.

On the other hand, a Kaspersky study quoted by  shows that a normal Romanian family owns about 2.6 devices with access to internet and capacity to stock big quantities of data, last in a top where Saudi Arabia, South Africa and USA occupy the 1st places.

According to this study, PC is the most popular IT equipment in Romania (owned by 71% of respondents), followed by laptops (51,5% own at least one). The next in top are smartphones (over 40%) and tablets (5%).