Dulux to color Romania, together with Evenimentul zilei

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Dulux, AkzoNobel brand, and Romanian newspaper Evenimentul zilei started a campaign within “Color Romania” program, in which readers can participate in order to renovate a building in their town.

“Color Romania” project from Evenimentul zilei focuses on the fact that Romania isn’t represented only by negative attributes, but also by remarkable people, places that remain in one’s heart and positive experiences.

Working together with AkzoNobel was a natural step, because both us and them realized the potential of “Color Romania” program. We hope this will be the 1st step the community makes in renovating the buildings . Evenimentul Zilei is taking in consideration readers opinions so we think it is essential to get involved in our readers’ communities

Vivianda Mihaila,

Marketing Director Evenimentul zilei&Capital publishing house

The campaign takes place online, on newspaper’s Facebook page, where readers can propose buildings to be renovated in their towns. AkzoNobel will offer the paint needed to renovate the most voted buildings proposed in this campaign

AkzoNobel and Dulux aren’t at the 1st project of this kind. They ran the “Let’s Colour” campaign, a worldwide initiative to transform grey spaces with colourful paint. The campaign was multiple awarded and helped people from multiple countries transform their community with colour.

What Dulux did in other parts of the world can be seen here:

[youtube uPpMWaSPt-s nolink]