Cocoon Group Bucharest designed Noroc Strong, new extension of Noroc beer brand


Cocoon Group Bucharest continued the reconstruction of the Noroc brand, a process started in 2011, by creating for this year a new brand extension: Noroc TARE (Strong). Noroc Strong is a new type of beer launched on Romanian market, positioned in the value for money category.

This type of beer (part of Bergenbier S.A. portfolio), has a higher alcoholic level (6.5%), given by long maturation process of ingredients in order to achieve a full, strong male taste. The packaging design, created by Cocoon Group team, reflects this element of differentiation and stays, in the same time, in line with the new Noroc brand values and essence, as defined in the redesign project.

Although an extension, Noroc Strong has also its own personality, based on a new color scheme emphasizing on product characteristics: the strength (higher alcohol content), natural ingredients, full and specific taste appealing to male consumers.

We managed to build this line extension on a visual level by focusing on defining specific design elements, which points out and underline the masculinity of the brand, that addresses a specific audience: strong men

Simona Straut

Managing Director Cocoon Group Bucharest

Noroc Strong enters the value-for-money segment of the beer market in a very appropriate time, according to market researches. Moreover, the success of such a product can be assured by a packaging design that keeps the mother-brand values, and has its own values to articulate the new product

Marko Njavro,

Marketing Director Bergenbier

Cocoon Group’s team members involved in the project included: Martin Zouhar – Senior Designer, Michal Kraus – Designer, Dana Pandelescu – Project Manager and Simona Straut – Managing Director. From Bergenbier S.A. , the project was coordinated by Marko Njavro – Marketing Director, Ioana Bondrila – Senior Brand Manager and Andreea Luca – Junior Brand Manager.

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