1st virtual MVNE, launched in Romania by Computaris and Prime Telecom


Computaris and Prime Telecom announced a strategic partnershipt to launch the 1st virtual operator of MVNE (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler) in Romania.

The project will be managed by Marian Velicu, experienced specialist on Romanian telecom market. He has over 30 years of experience in the field, with the last 15 years spend within Vodafone Romania, where he held executive positions, the last being of vice president for regulations, strategy and public affairs.


The launch of the 1st MVNE in Romania will support significantly the launch of the virtual mobile operators. They will diminish significantly their initial costs, as they wouldn’t need to invest considerable budgets in equipments and infrastructure. MVNO’s presence in Romania will relaunch the competition on mobile communication market and will lead to the appearance of new and innovative services

Marian Velicu

Besides providing an infrastructure, MVNEs are also supporting virtual mobile operators that lack experience in telecom, reducing their operational volume by managing the invocing services, amon others.

Through a partnership with an experienced MVNE, an operator reduces the technical risks and financial, time and human resources invested in acquiring the specific know-how. MVNE-s can cover all the processes for operators, offering complete solutions, end-to-end, such as BSS/OSS systems integrated with operator’s systems, offering to the virtual operator technical and operational support at the launch on the market

Bogdan Danila

CTO Computaris

In other countries, MVNO-s have a significant market share, being accepted for over 10 years by mobile operators as opportunities to generate new incomes and attract new client groups. Therefor, their market share is of 19% in Germany, 16% in Norway, 14% in Netherlands, 13% in UK or 7% in US. MVNO-s are active also in Romania’s neighboring countries – Hungary (3.5%) and Poland (1.6%).

Virtual Mobile Operators (MVNO) are providers of mobile communications that have their own clients base but do not own a telecom infrastructure. To provide services, they rent and use network elements from a mobile telephony provider, but are exclusively responsible when it comes of legal obligations towards their clients.

Computaris, part of R Systems group, is a company specialized in systems integration, tech consultancy and software development for telecommunications industry. It is active mainly in Europe, North America and South-East Asia.

Prime Telecom was founded in 2000, with Romanian capital, and is the 1st telecom company that provided transport and connectivity services in a neutral regime. Prime Telecom offers to its clients complete solutions such as internet access, telephony, data transport, hosting and co-location solutions, data networks architecture and installing.